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The Best Time To Visit Uganda

Uganda is a whole year travel destination. This is because of its climate and location to equator. Lake Victoria is another factor which makes this country a travel destination all year round. Mainly Uganda has two rainy seasons, with the short rains starting from October to November while the long rainy season is between mid-March and the end of May.

Many tourists opt to travel to Uganda between May and September to February since during these months, the rain amount has drastically reduced and it is sunny most of the time, a perfect condition to visit attraction sites. December is among the busiest time in most of Uganda’s national parks and it is recommended you book your accommodation in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments. Most Ugandans also visit national parks with their families during the December festive season, so this is also a peak period.

3. Visiting  Goma, DRC by season

Between January and February, June and September

Visitors who look to avoid rain when visiting the Virunga should do so with the knowledge that the gorilla permits are more expensive during these drier months making up the high season. Remember also that the rain might likely to occasionally fall. But compared to gorilla trekking during rainy seasons, you will experience less intense plus prolonged downpours. Note also that tracking the mountain gorillas, which is the highlight of the Virunga trip, may potentially take longer compared to during the rainy seasons. The drier months-specifically between July and August- drive the primates to higher altitudes and this requires longer climbs. However, with firmer ground, you are going to avoid sliding and slipping.

March-May and October-December

Making the option to endure some regular rainfall is going to cost you less plus your camera will not suffer from the elements. The gorilla permits cost half the price of high season. The gorillas also forage at lower altitudes to look for food, and this implies you are going to cover shorter distance tracking the primates. However, wet weather makes for treacherous trekking conditions since the ground becomes sodden with water. Ensure to pack waterproofs, protective storage for your notebooks and electronics and spare clothing.

The above are some of the best time to visit Rwanda, Uganda and DRC, particularly the Virunga massif. You can always trust GO PRIMATE SAFARIS when you want to guarantee a memorable adventure around the Virunga Chains. Visiting this region will leave you craving for more unforgettable adventure.