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Rwanda Royal Tours Exposes the beauty of the country

The documentary film dubbed Royal Tours has now been with us for some couple of days, even though the novelty has still not rubbed off. The documentary features Peter Greenberg  the filemaker travelling through Rwanda. He’s led by his ultimate guide, none other than Rwanda president Paul Kagame in showcasing the amazing diversity and extraordinary gem Rwanda has to offer.

Among the main highlights in the documentary is the two going together for gorilla trekking through Volcanoes National Parks, exploring the pristine Nyungwe National Forest and walking together on Nyungwe elevated canopy walkway, visiting the Akagera National Parks to expose to the world varied plant and wildlife found there and jet-skiing in the paromic Lake Kivu that extends to the Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC).

This documentary showed Rwanda at its natural best. Apart from being lauded due to its wildlife and natural attractions, this is a country where you are going to have the chance to see the world’s remaining over 800 mountain gorillas as they live in their natural habitat.

Since the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, Rwanda’s resilience has been recognized and the country now ranks as among the most exciting luxury destinations in Africa. The country’s tourism potential has also grown exponentially, with figures from the government agency, Rwanda Development Board indicating tourism revenues was $200 million in 2010 and $ 400 million in 2016.

The Royal Tour was therefore a perfect platform to showcase all these development to local and global audience. It made the world to see Rwanda extraordinary locations together with historical landmarks plus cultural experiences.

It also came at a time when Rwanda is trying to promote its domestic tourism. To see the President touring all these attraction sights was stimulus enough for any local to also venture out and see what Rwanda has to offer. President Kagame led by example, showing even the most skeptical of Rwandans, that the country is teeming with natural beauty that’s just awaiting to be explored.

The documentary vindicates the president’s concerted efforts to show Rwanda is a different light, not Rwanda that was battered 24 years ago and almost completely destroyed. The president was informed by the desire to show the beauty of not only Africa in general but Rwanda in particular, a small country tucked in the heart of Africa but having bounty of nature.

The choice of Rwanda attractions the president showed to the world also was quite instrumental in making other people have a glimpse of the country. For instance, the Akagera National Park has seen the introduction of the Big Five, and Rwanda prides itself now as the only few countries that have the Big Five. Added to the “Big Six”, that is the Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda is a country that should be in any travellers bucket list.

President Kagame himself said during the movie premier in New York that the goal of Rwanda tourism and conservation isn’t just for increasing visitor and the amount of revenue but also to make sure tourism benefits are sustainable and shared by all people.

The Tourism Revenue sharing launched by RDB some years back has seen a number of locals living around the parks benefit immensely. Improved health facilities and construction of schools among other important amenities have been realised.

The Rwanda’s Royal Tour is a proud moment for the country. It has made more and more people to become energized just wanting to visit the country depicted in the hour long documentary.

To the friends of Rwanda, this documentary showcases the versatility and hardwork Rwanda citizens embarked on to craft a new country  through new opportunities, particularly in economic tourism together with sustainable development. All these are displayed brilliantly by its passionate leader.  

And to those tourists who have never visited the country, who do not know anything about Rwanda, the documentary is an incredible depiction of the country as the next popular tourist destination and possible business opportunity.